About The PPT Box

Yes this is the real deal... absolutely!! I've been trading the 6 range and 5 minute on the crude and have not had one losing day. I cut off the day when I hit $1,000.00 in the day... again best I’ve ever traded.
D.P., Arkansas
  • Prediction Point Trading Box
  • Prediction Point Trading Box
  • Prediction Point Trading Box
  • Prediction Point Trading Box
  • Prediction Point Trading Box

The PPT Box is a highly reactive yet simple to use trading tool that analyzes market data for you. It takes into account dozens of real-time market factors giving you the most accurate picture of what the market is doing.

The PPT Box attempts to identify lucrative trading opportunities pertaining to what the market is doing in real-time rather than use lagging information. This one factor alone contributes to the PPT Box’s astounding success rate.

A simple “box” appears as soon as a specific set of criteria is met. This notifies the trader a high probability trade is forming. Either a blue arrow pointing up or a red arrow pointing down appears showing the highest probable direction of the market.

Profit targets are clearly marked by simple dotted lines. And that’s it! Red means sell and blue means buy. It can’t get any easier than that!

*Discount applies to first year only.

Quick Facts

  • Trade Any Market

    The PPT Box can be used on anything you can chart; Futures, Forex, Stocks, etc. There is no limit what it can be used on.

  • High Probability Trades

    The PPT Box identifies high probability trades, high probability directions and high probability profit levels. These profit levels also react as dynamic support and/or resistance levels.

  • High Win Ratios

    A beta test group was established prior to the release of the PPT Box. All participants who reported results ranged between 78% to greater than 90% wins over losses in a live market setting. The PPT Box continues to dish out high win ratios to this day.

  • Easy To Use

    The PPT Box is so easy to use almost all traders who trade with it have reported ‘getting the hang of it’ within 1-3 trading sessions. Because there is no need to analyze the market or fumble around with useless lagging indicators, virtually anyone could have success with this tool.